Influence triage of project ideas #11 and what the ALM Rangers focus on in next in three easy steps

  1. Vote for existing ideas or submit your own on UserVoice – Visual Studio, and selecting the Rangers Project tag to ensure it lights up during our triage.
  2. Let us know what the value of recent releases was for you by completing the solution 11 impact poll.
  3. Lastly, for those that have been following and especially using our experimental Unit Test Generator, shared mid-2013, we have a quick focused poll.


Your feedback is important to us! We take all candid and especially actionable feedback to Red heart


  • Where can I find information on past triages?
  • What happened to triage #10?
    • We did not cancel, delete or start any project ideas after triage #10 as we were in the midst of MVP Summit and were operating at full-capacity at the time.
    • With 2-3 projects coming to an end shortly, we expect lots of energy and spare bandwidth to be available after the quiet, “family-time” December.
  • Does the ALM Community feedback really matter?
    • Yes, we take your feedback seriously and all project ideas are plotted on a quadrant based on (1) ALM Community Value and (2) Product Group Value.
    • See Triage of ideas … ∆ process changes for more information on this process.
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