Pop Quiz … which Rangers solution enjoys the highest downloads?

Looking at Visual Studio ALM Ranger Solutions Catalogue (aka.ms/vsarsolutions), do you have any idea which solution has had the (1)  most downloads and the (2) highest average daily downloads since January 1, 2010?

imageAdd your candidates and a quick “why” as a comment below and watch the space for the solution.

Comments (7)

  1. BlogTroll says:

    (1) TFS Integration Platform

    (2) Version Control (ex Branching and Merging) Guide

  2. WouterdeKort says:

    1. Version control guidance

    I hear a lot of people checking out the branching guidance. I use it a lot myself.

    2. TFS Planning Guide

    Great guide on installing a TFS environment and taking into account things like TPC/TP/Team organization and disaster recovery.

    But now we're getting curious 🙂 What are the numbers!?

  3. @Wouter, we will publish the answers and all the supporting stats after November 1, so that we have up to date stats and a few more guesses 🙂

  4. RF (Ranger Fan) says:

    1. Branching Guide must be the block buster.

    2. Unit Test Generator has dominated the past 30-day download stats in recent flashes.

  5. I would say Branching Guide and Upgrade Guide must be one of the most popular. I do point a lot of people at the Reporting guide for its VSO bits though so maybe it could be the one =). On that note DSC is a big thing so just maybe DS guide is the winner =P.

  6. jimszu says:

    1) Branching guide. A staple of development teams

    2) Planning guide. The go to guidance of TFS admins

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