Why the Visual Studio NEWS extension is nothing to ignore or sneeze at!

Note to self … remember the widgets and use them.


Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora developed a great News extension to get Visual Studio online and other news within Visual Studio. When I was sipping my 13th cup of coffee yesterday, I clicked on news and spotted an announcement dating back to August 18th.



Project Welcome page was introduced on VSO in August. After clicking on the Welcome tab, reading Martin’s Project Welcome Pages and investing a few dollars in the MarkdownPad  tool, I embarked on creating a solution for the ALM Rangers who forget where to go, where to find the nuggets and who to contact.


We created a crisp welcome page that reminds our community of important URLs, collaboration corners and distribution lists. So simple, yet so effective!


keep it crisp!

Now the only remaining challenge is to keep the welcome page crisp and avoid it from scrolling off the one page and remembering our one. Obviously this solution depends on all of us remembering our one and only VSO home URL Smile


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