Testing and evaluating Microsoft Word as my blog editor

Since 2009 I have been relying on LiveWriter as my blog editor. As there have not been any updates or bug fixes for quite some time, it is time to evaluate an alternative editor … Microsoft Word seems like the logical next choice.

How did I use configure Word as the editor?

  • Selected Blog Post from the Available Templates in Microsoft Word
  • Followed the prompt to Register a Blog Account
  • Selected Register Now, Choose your blog provider,
    Other, and MetaWeblog
  • Here comes the magical dust … append your MSDN URL with /metablog.ashx
  • Enter your credentials

Let's try to insert a table … an area where LiveWriter has given me grey hairs:









Let's try to insert an image to test the publishing of images as well:

… any idea what the second image would show if we were to zoom out?

Publishing now … if you are reading this, I have successfully configured and used Microsoft Word as my blog editor.



Comments (6)

  1. Interesting thanks for posting Willy. I have also been thinking about moving to another editor. It will be interesting to see how word deals with Code snippets :-).

  2. Martin Hinshelwood says:

    Just don't look at the output. Or ever try to change your theme. I have tried Word for blog posting a number of times and i have come to the conclusion its crap. . I did have high hopes but they are always dashed.

  3. niel zeeman says:


    I've been looking round for something other than LiveWriter, cause it is a capably blog editor, but it is just plain crap with high res laptops…

  4. Robert MacLean says:

    You know why no one uses word for web work (incl. Blogs) is because the output is ass. This is what your blog post had – that table maybe the worst HTML I've seen since 1999!

    Sorry, can't paste it in because it exceeds the size limit for comments! Seriously- that is pretty bad!

  5. Martin/Robert, what's your recommended editor? Looks like neither of you is excited about the code that Word tailored for us behind the post 🙂

  6. I am also very interested on the answer. After some "formatting fights" over the last 3 days, I am looking for alternatives too.

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