ALM Rangers Triage #8 – What happened to your idea on UserVoice?

If you have recently submitted an ALM Rangers solution idea on Visual Studio UserVoice, please locate it below and determine if you are happy with the status and comment.  As introduced in Triage of ideas … ∆ process changes we are switching to rolling, not quarterly triages.

This post reflects the status as at 2014/08/11.

what makes an idea a win:win?

We are often asked what makes an idea a win:win for the ALM Rangers and the product teams we work with. A good question, which the diagram on the left will hopefully clarify:
image                 image

The shaded area in the left diagram represents the ideas which will wander into the top right “Ranger Project” quadrant, shown as WIN:WIN on the right diagram.


The lists show below are only showing ideas that emerged from UserVoice. When you view our latest flight plan board you can spot other ideas, including strategic and research ideas.

 image_thumb[7] Ideas that have been completed since Triage #7.
image_thumb[6] In-flight ideas can be seen on the flight plan. New ideas that have been approved and taking off:


image_thumb[5] Ideas that are still under review on our backlog.
image_thumb[4] Ideas that have been declined or transferred and will not be reviewed further by the ALM Rangers.

that’s it!

Have we missed anything? Thoughts?

Remember to capture YOUR project ideas on UserVoice so that they light up in the next triage.

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