What happens when 13 Rangers meet on a weekend to discuss a framework?

Using the weekend after TR19, we had a unique opportunity to get 13 ALM Rangers into a room to work through and discuss the Leading SAFe training content, SAFe framework and the challenges of adopting it, or other frameworks, in the “real-world”. So far the feedback from the attendees has been very positive, but let a few pictures speak their own story.

What would an event be without Charles Sterling “Chuck” giving us a visit? THANK YOU for the cake, the Rangers attacked it like Hyenas on Saturday morning Smile

Food is always an important indicator. Richard Hundhausen brought a box of Spuds and the pile of pizzas on Saturday and incremental growth on Sunday indicates that there was no lack of appetite.

Now for a few snapshots …

DSCN7580DSCN7581 Setup 15:00-18:00, followed by two long, yet rewarding discussion days.
DSCN7572DSCN7578 All quiet on Friday and buzzing on Saturday.
DSCN7585DSCN7610 Barry Paquet leads the Rangers through the material. Perhaps we should have warned him that the Rangers can be very candid and tenacious when they need an answer.
DSCN7576DSCN7594 Richard would definitely have won the shirt awards … danger waterfall and <30 days … hilarious Smile
DSCN7575DSCN7574 Do you recognise these Rangers, who committed their weekend to this event and discussions!
DSCN7590DSCN7624 Team A definitely lead the way … and evidence of a “pinch of craziness” was visible on the walls.
DSCN7625DSCN7599 How many Smile‘s do you see?  
DSCN7626DSCN7631 Last images were Pizzas and after the 91 miles to Vancouver sign, I finally fell asleep on my way home on the bus.

I will let the ALM Rangers comment below to add their personal impressions of this special weekend. We met the objective of bringing together Rangers who have never meet each other in our world of virtual and geographically dispersed teams, the objective of working through and discussing SAFe and most importantly gathering and discussing the concerns, challenges and ideas around this and other frameworks.

A special THANK YOU goes to Shannon Roundy who organised the facilities, handouts and gave us a good recommendation for pizzas Smile This weekend would not have been possible without her phenomenal preparations and support!

See you after TR20 for another instance of this event?

Comments (2)

  1. Chris Margraff says:

    I had a great time meeting with the team and talking about SAF! But we'll have to remember to stay away from the veggie pizza next time:)

  2. LOL Chris … my sons always tell me that vegetables are not healthy 🙂

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