¿Habla Español? … Testing Unitario con Microsoft® Fakes v1.2

Juan Maria does it again by updating the localised Testing Unitario con Microsoft® Fakes v1.1 guide and releasing v1.2 - Better Unit Testing with MS Fakes (Spanish).

English –>


Español –>


Explore Juan’s blog: http://speakingin.net!

Comments (3)

  1. Mike Fourie says:

    Gracias Juan !


  2. B. Clay Shannon says:

    Awesome! By "Juan Maria does it again" do you mean that there are other materials translated into Spanish? I am learning Spanish (http://www.duolingo.com/B.ClayShan) but am not particularly interested in MS Fakes; some other technology might really strike my fancy, though – if anybody reading this knows of material in Spanish on other technologies, please email me at bclayshannon at att dot net

  3. Elías González E says:

    Juan: You made an extraordinary work. Thank you very much!

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