Ranger Flash – June 2014 … gearing up for another adventurous year



You can find the latest flight plan snapshot at aka.ms/vsarFlightPlanvsarFlightPlan


 TFS Planning, Disaster Avoidance and TFS on Azure IaaS v1.4 landed during June, displacing the early BETA. The guidance will be refreshed shortly to include load testing and performance improvement feedback from our on-going proof-of-concept (POC) environments.

Word4TFS Version Word 2013 TFS 2013 bug fix release shipped on June 11th and new video and walkthrough added to aka.ms/vsarpublications.

Although showing up in RED (delayed), the Extract effective permission from TFS for audit purposes, Enhance ALM Readiness Treasure Map to address v2 backlog and deliver a v3 and the ALM Rangers DevOps / Building a Release Pipeline with TFS 2013 project teams have declared “done”. They are busy releasing their bits and waiting for the “thumbs up” from the product owners. Watch this space for news!


welcome our new MVPs

image Please welcome the following ALM Rangers who received their MVP award: Gordon Beeming and Vinicius Hana. See you at the next MVP Summit Smile  CONGRATULATIONS!

welcome our new hono[u]rary ALM rangers

image Please welcome the following new ALM Honorary Rangers: Andrea Scripa,  Bill Essary and Justin Marks. They have contributed invaluable passion and contributions to the ALM Ranger community in the past. CONGRATULATIONS!

welcome our new active ALM rangers

The following Associate ALM Rangers have been moved to the Active ALM Rangers group on aka.ms/vsarindex based on FY13/14 achievements: Bipin Puthiyaveetil, Chris Margraff, Dan Hellem, Edward Fry, Gordon Beeming … Howzit …, James Waletzky, Marcus Fernandez, Mehmet Aras … the only one without an index page, hint, hint …, Mohideen Abdul Kader Sandhu Muzafargani, Niel Zeeman, Osmar Landin, Suliman AlBattat, Utkarsh Shigihalli, and Wouter de Kort.
Note: Announcements in terms of distinguished ALM Rangers were included in the
Ranger Flash – May 2014.

congratulations to our top 13 achieving ALM rangers

The automatic renewal score is 5, but most ALM Rangers often go beyond the call of duty, ignoring our family>job>ranger rule and injecting incredible passion and energy into our community. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to our top #13:

  1. Brian Blackman … 150.75 points
  2. Michael Fourie … 72 points
  3. Robert MacLean … 67 points
  4. Jim Szubryt … 58.25 points
  5. Jahangeer Mohammed … 52.25 points
  6. Rob Jarratt … 45.25 points
  7. Mario Rodriguez … 43.25 points
  8. Anisha Pindoria … 43 points
  9. Gordon Beeming … 41 points
  10. Pramod Vasanth … 40.25 points
  11. Mathias Olausson … 39.5 points
  12. Robert Bernstein … 35.5 points
  13. David Pitcher … 34 points

taking a peek into our FY14 SATisfaction survey results

Key observations:

  • On-going dog-fooding of and consolidation of infrastructures to Visual Studio Online has been well received, resulting in a +22 SAT points increase.
  • On-going dog-fooding, refinement and simplification of our software requirements management using VSO is well received, resulting in a +8 SAT points increase.
  • Triaging of ideas and selection of projects is, for the first time, showing a -4 SAT point decrease and will be our key focus for improvement during FY15.

interesting reads


willy’s cave

community solution news

image Vinicius Moura uploaded a new tool on the gallery for VS 2013, which summarizes the changes on a specific field of a work item, listing only the revisions in which this respective field has changed. Spot the new menu on Team Explorer >> Work Item Field History.


tell us about your success stories!

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user? See Tell us about your success stories for details.

review our (your) solutions!

When you download one or more of our solutions please invest a few seconds to rate and optionally review the solution on CodePlex or the Visual Studio Gallery. We need your candid feedback and support in terms of Star ratings!




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Comments (3)

  1. siliond says:

    How did you integrate Flight Plan in TFS 2013?

    Thank you,



  2. @Daniel, we use Visual Studio Online. If you want to use the Flight Plan against an on-premises TFS 2013 environment … which I think is what you are asking … you have to install and configure OData for your instance. See Configure Tfs OData Services (tfsagilepoker.com/…/ConfigureTfsOdataServices) or TFS Reporting Guide (vsarreportguide.codeplex.com), for information on setting up OData. The support for the new Rest API is on the backlog of the Flight Plan team, but I recommend you ping them on vsarflightplan.codeplex.com for more information.

  3. siliond says:

    Thank you for the detailed reply; it is on premises TFS, correct.

    Thank you,



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