Ranger Flash – May 2014



You can find the latest flight plan snapshot at aka.ms/vsarFlightPlan


 Version Control Guidance v3.0, Unit Test Generator v1.3 and TFS Planning, Disaster Avoidance and TFS on Azure IaaS v1.4.BETA landed during May. The latter has just been updated with a Build supplement (aka.ms/vsarNews14) and is now showing on the flight plan as landed in BETA state. 

During June we are expecting the a flurry of landings: TFS Planning, DR avoidance and TFS on Azure IaaS v1.4 “stable”, ALM Readiness Treasure Map v3, Release Pipeline Hands-on lab upgrade for TFS 2013, Extracting effective permissions and auditing research findings, and the whitepaper covering Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe™) with TFS 2013.

image The Configuration as Code project is transitioning from planning to development and the Version Control team will resume the Git for TFVC User guidance shortly.


welcome our newest Associate ALM Ranger

imagePlease welcome the following new ALM Associate Ranger: Brian Messerich.

welcome our new Hono[u]rary ALM Rangers

image Please welcome the following new ALM Honorary Rangers: Kerry Gates, Buck Hodges, John Jacobs, Larry Duff, Larry Guger, Mike Schimmel and Tim Omta. They have contributed invaluable passion and contributions to the ALM Ranger community in the past. CONGRATULATIONS!

welcome our new Distinguished ALM Ranger

image Please welcome the following new ALM Distinguished ALM Ranger: Tommy Sundling.

Brian Blackman, Robert MacLean, Jim SzubrytRobert BernsteinPramod Vasanth and Rob Jarratt have achieved the distinguished ALM Rangers status again over the past 11 months. CONGRATULATIONS, you  guys truly “ROCK”!

interesting reads

willy’s cave

Anthony / quicklearn does it again

Anthony delivers another great ALM Walkthrough, this time in Vancouver and supporting the great Vancouver Foundry program.

community solution news

image Windows Store app Wookiki (http://bit.ly/RKE0sF), a dashboard to access to builds for several VSO and on-premises TFS servers on Windows 8 Tablet with the first TFS Odata betas for dog-fooding.


tell us about your success stories!

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user? See Tell us about your success stories for details.

review our (your) solutions!

When you download one or more of our solutions please invest a few seconds to rate and optionally review the solution on CodePlex or the Visual Studio Gallery. We need your candid feedback and support in terms of Star ratings!

Edging closer and closer to the 1million download milestone 🙂


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Suliman AlBattat in Rangers shirt Smile

Robert MacLean’s son getting ready for the ALM Readiness Treasure Map!
Anthony Borton mentoring Microsoft Foundry students.

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