Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Brian Messerich

This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. See Ranger Index (Who is Who?) for more details.

Who you are?  Messerich

I am a Director overseeing various product lines at Navitaire/Accenture, one of which is internal products such as VS/TFS.

What makes you “tick”?

When I see groups adopt Iterative and Incremental Development practices, as my groups do.

Where you live?

Salt Lake City – originally from MN

Why are you active in the Rangers program?

I want to share what we have done, in systems integration, toolset creation, etc. – As well as find out what others have done.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why? 

I have not been on one.  I have been in numerous TAP programs, but not a Ranger project.

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