ALM Community shipped the Flight Plan … a simple, known and informative view!

Our ALM community leads from South-Africa, Robert MacLean and Gordon Beeming, have just shipped the Flight Plan application to the Windows Store. Laduma!

Description as quoted from their overview:

Flight Plan works with Visual Studio Online to provide an at a glance review of the status of your projects. Flight Plan does this by connecting to a specific project and query and reading the work item data and showing you a status board of how each project is doing! This is perfect for team room displays, project managers, scrum masters or anyone dealing with multiple projects.”


Now you finally know where the image that I am showing on my blog comes from … I have been fortunate to dog-food this “cool” tool since it emerged on the whiteboard as an idea Smile


what’s next?

How about a universal windows app which not only runs on your favourite Surface or PC device, but also your Windows Phone that accompanies you everywhere? Thoughts?

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  1. Brian H. Madsen says:

    An universal app would be awesome!!! Gimme!

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