What happened to the vsarPlanningGuide and vsarVersionControl silent releases?

We introduced the concept of silent releases‎ introducing  early BETA bits to a small group of “friends”, for early feedback and possible re-alignment. Two projects have received invaluable feedback, which means that we will continue the concept.

However, for two projects it is time to prepare for the final landing approach and therefore their silent releases vanished from CodePlex.

TFS Planning and DR Avoidance Guide

The team is polishing the TFS on Azure IaaS guidance, which will be shipped as part of the v1.4 release. Based on a real-world proof-of-concept this release delivers lots of gems.

The v1.4 team: Andrea Scripa, Chris Margraff, Clementino Mendonca , Dan Marzolini, Dave McKinstry, David Pitcher, Eric Golpe, Grant Holliday, Hassan Fadili, Jahangeer Mohammed, James Szubryt, Marcus Fernandez, Mario Rodriguez, Micheal Learned, Oliver Hilgers, Tarun Arora, Tony Feissle, Utkarsh Shigihalli


Version Control (ex Branching and Merging) Guide

The team is polishing the branching scenarios, TFVC Gems, Dependency Management using NuGet and Git for the TFVC User guidance, which will ship as part of the v3 release. Looking forward to another block buster Smile

The v3 team: Alan Wills, Andy Lewis, Anna Galaeva, Bill Heys, Dan Hellem, Esteban Garcia, Gordon Beeming, Hamid Shahid, James Waletzky, Krithika Sambamoorthy, Larry Brader, Malcolm Hyson, Matt Mitrik, Michael Fourie, Micheal Learned , Michel Perfetti, Peter Provost, Robert MacLean, Stawinski Fabio, Taavi Kõosaar, Tina Botes, Tommy Sundling, Vinicius Hana, Vinicius Hana


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