My new home @ the office

Finally moved closer to the sun … I now have a corner next to a window to enjoy the frequent west coast “liquid” sun and the less frequent, but precious “warm” sun.

What worries me is that after moving my stuff, I had one power supply, three network cables, one power cable and tons of other stuff left over … yet all systems are working Smile


Lots of memories scattered all around the table … BBD community penguins, terminator bobble head, ample stress balls and a Cyprus coffee mug. MickeyG, you should recognise the jacket … oohhhh that was one of the greatest MVP Summits!

Fortunately my colleague Vicente moved as well … we are still friendly neighbo[u]rs Smile

If you walk to or from our kitchen area you will also notice the new (BETA) Version Control Cheat Sheet for TFVC and Git.
Casey O'Mara you should recognise the poster to the left of the new poster Smile


Cool, now that the move is done, we can dust off, roll up our sleeves and re-focus on the current project adventures. Go, go, go …

Comments (3)

  1. I like the new office, but shouldn't there be a treasure map poster somewhere in there?  🙂  Arrrr!

  2. @Robert, good point … will we get a new map with v3? We definitely have to find a history wall where we can place all the posters … I have a copy of the v1 treasure map hidden in a safe place 🙂

  3. Tommy Sundling says:

    Like the new office as well and happy to see the Git poster have found a good home 😉

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