Day OOF … re-booting in spectacular Vancouver

To support the ALM Rangers family > job > rangers mantra I decided to take today off (OOF), unplug from the digital universe and enjoy a minute part of beautiful Vancouver.

1. Starting at Cleveland Dam

The Cleveland dam and surrounding park is phenomenal. Wondered about the cracks in the dam wall, but was quickly distracted by the floating barrel … nature always finds a way of starting a new forest Smile 
DSCN5064 … hmmmmm, tempting Smile image

2. Exploring along Capilano river

The walk through the misty forest at the bottom of the dam wall … fortunately I forgot about the cracks by the time I got to the bottom … and along the Capilano river was eerie, beautiful and peaceful.

3. Enjoying lunch at Lonsdale Quay Market

Vancouver skyline from the other side of Vancouver harbour.

Brian, you should recognise this lunch, which I enjoyed it at the same spot we sat when you visited Vancouver Smile

4. Waiting at Alex’s favourite spot (close to planes), puffing Jacques’ cigar, until Thorsten is done with school

Sea planes, gracious container ships and birds on their personal lookout post.

To wrap up one day of “me time” in one word … PHENOMENAL!

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