ALM Rangers Triage #7 – What happened to your idea in UserVoice?

If you have submitted an ALM Rangers solution idea, please locate it below and determine if you are happy with the status and comment.  We need your candid feedback to ensure we prepare for the next triage and action your idea appropriately!

This post reflects the status as at 2014/02/19

where are we?

In terms of the FY14 timeline we are in the third quarter, seventh idea triage, nurturing five in-flight projects home and preparing to kick-start wave #7 with few new projects.



image_thumb[7] Ideas that have been completed since Triage #6.
image_thumb[6] In-flight ideas can be seen on the flight plan. New ideas that have been approved and taking off:


image_thumb[5] Ideas that are still under review on our backlog.

This report only includes ideas raised on UserVoice, or related, not strategic project ideas.

planning take-off

deferred “next triage”

deferred “other”

image_thumb[4] Ideas that have been declined or transferred and will not be reviewed further by the ALM Rangers.

that’s it!

Have we missed anything? Thoughts?

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Comments (6)

  1. I think the SAFe Awareness and Readiness is going to be a very popular =D. I'm going attempt the setting up a TFS instance as more of a challenge  in my spare spare spare time =D

  2. @Gordon, I will loop you into the "•SAFe Awareness and Readiness " project shortly 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    in section 'deferred "next triage"' to topic

    Create practical guidance on Agile Portfolio Management with TFS 2013 and beyond

    is listened twice.

  4. @Daniel, thanks! I double checked that we did not overwrite a row, but it was a duplicate "paste".

  5. Brian Baker says:

    It would be great if you could include a link to the backlog on UserVoice in these types of triage posts. (I think it is…/40562-rangers-project ?) Then we could better see how all the items are getting prioritized by the community. Thanks!

  6. @BrianB, we include the links to the ideas which you can select to see the community votes. Our backlog is on VSO and including a link is therefore not feasible. Would it help if I include a graph showing votes and the triage score? That could easily be included in future posts.

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