What’s cooking in the ALM Rangers home?

We are completing the seventh triage and are on the verge of starting the new project wave. We currently have a few great projects in-flight, a few with landing lights on and getting ready to bring out the landing gear.


Flight – vsarVersionControl


The third edition of the Branching Guide has been renamed as the Version Control Guide and is made up of four eBook-styled guides, filled with practical guidance, walkthroughs and cheatsheets.


Branching Strategies
Practical guidance on a number of (not all) common Branching Strategies and usage thereof.

Content complete
BETA Preview

Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) Gems
Practical guidance on how to use Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) features.

Content Complete
BETA Preview

Dependency Management with NuGet
Practical guidance on dependency management, using NuGet with Visual Studio.

Content complete
BETA Preview

Git for TFVC Users
Practical guidance on Git from a TFS perspective.

Content being finalised …
approaching ALPHA Preview

Flight – vsarPlanning TFS on Azure IaaS


If you view Chris Margraff’s work of art on his whiteboard, you can get a peek preview of the new release of the TFS Planning and DR Avoidance Guide (v1.4), which includes guides and detailed walkthroughs of implementing TFS on Azure IaaS. We are all very excited about this guide and are currently in the process of doing and documenting the installation, configuration and testing of a proof-of-concept (POC) environment.

WP_20140220_15_17_54_Pro … come on, you have to agree that this is a work of art!

Flight – vsarFlightBoard

Robert MacLean #4

Gordon Beeming and Robert MacLean are working on an ALM Rangers supported community solution, to improve the flight board view we use to show landed and in-flight projects on our bulletin boards and monthly flashes. This solution will be a great reference solution for the use of OData and processing TFS WIT data in a Windows Store application.

 … crisp clarity and a view that many of us will feel familiar and comfortable with.

Watch the space for the final approaches and the ALM Rangers Triage #7 - What happened to your idea in UserVoice blog post, which will list the new, postponed, rejected and transferred project ideas Smile

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