ALM Rangers email etiquette … part 1

image We deal with email, a LOT of email as eluded to in FAQ – How can I determine which of the 100’s of ALM Ranger emails is important to “Gregg”?.

To remain professional and efficient, we encourage all Rangers to embrace a few email etiquettes.etiquettes

controlled vocabulary improves productivity


concise is best

  • If an email scrolls off the screen it is very unlikely it will ever be read.
  • Long emails are discouraging and usually end up in an “action later” bin 13.
  • Remember that a visual can potentially replace a thousand words Smile

reply “r” versus reply “R”


TO versus CC


In our context we typically expect that if you are on the …

  • To line you need to action the email and that a response is expected.
  • Cc line you are included as FYI (for your information only) and not expected to respond.

spell checker is free

  • Unintentional auto-correction errors are bad enough to decipher at times Smile 
  • We should re-read our email before clicking send and remember that the spell checker is free!

Anything important we missed in this first part? 

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