Lab Management Guide … v3 update is available!

We are pleased to announce the third revision of Visual Studio Lab Management Guide. This release includes the following changes:

  • Content updated to reflect Team Foundation Server 2012 and 2013.
  • Content includes information on how to upgrade lab management environments.
  • New content on how to leverage Windows Azure IaaS services for lab management.
  • Significantly reduced the page count of the guide by removing outdated content.
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the team

A special THANK YOU to the team of ALM Rangers who volunteered their personal time and contributed their real-world experience to deliver this solution: Brian Minisi, Dave McKinstry, John Bergman, Mike DouglasMichael Fourie, Mathias Olausson, Richard Fennell, Vijay Machiraju  and Willy-Peter Schaub.

what’s next?

As with the other recent releases the team will now sit back and watch the candid feedback to determine the way forward.

For example:

  • Which features do you need in the next version?
  • What do you like and dislike in the current version?
  • Are there other partner solutions and/or other approaches that need to be considered?
  • Should we include Lab Management in the forthcoming TFS on Azure IaaS guidance?

please send candid feedback!

We can’t wait to hear from you, and learn more about your experience using the add-in. Here are some ways to connect with us:

  • Add a comment below.
  • Ask a question on the respective CodePlex discussion forum.
  • Contact me on my blog.
Comments (4)

  1. BrentMorrisRTP says:

    I am looking at…/cc501231.aspx

    …after reading…/lab-management-guide-v3-update-is-available.aspx

    Question: Do you have a YouTube or Channel 9 of the VMST being used on page 31 of 66 “Virtual Machine Patching in a Small Environment” ?

  2. @LiveFromRaleigh, the team have not seen any video that shows how to use VMST. The best in that area is the HOLs on patching from v2 of the guide (see…/88019), perhaps that’s something you can review?

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