A few more pictures from TechReady 18 … I am out of here and back home for 4 days :)

Today was the last day with ALM Ranger sessions and thanks to Bijan’s great guidance and enforcement of family>job>rangers I am about to return home … before beaming back to Redmond next week.

Day 4 … in and about the conference centre. The first and last images show the size (complexity) of the centre and the variety (complexity) of “which garbage goes where” pipelines.


Day 4 … I enjoyed an interesting and relaxing instructor led lab today, focused on Fakes and delivered by none other than Carsten Düllmann (ALM Ranger) and Ricardo Wickel. I had to take a snapshot of the lab and especially the reference in the lab manual which should make Michael Fourie very happy.


The last picture is another South-African colleague I bumped into at the event. We go back to the CTOS era in the last century, millennium … OMG we are getting old Smile

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