A few pictures from TechReady 18 … finally!

I have been asked by a few Rangers why we have not published any pictures yet. Apologies, the first three days have been really hectic, leaving little time to take pictures.

Day 1exploring the office and watching Christian Nielsen getting ready for the first Rangers session.


Day 1great discussions during and in between sessions such “TFS 2013 Upgrade – Stories from the field” and “Being Agile using Scrum for community open source dev projects executed with volunteers”. You should recognise Rangers Mehmet Aras, Pierre Donyegro, Christian Nielsen, Brian Blackman and Bijan Javidi.


Day 2 was a blur, no photos taken … sorry!

Day 3 Pierre Donyegro, Rui Melo, Brian Blackman and João Paulo Rodrigues having a casual chat before the Ask-The-Experts session.


Day 3Ask The Expert gathering at the ALM Community table. Spot Anna Galaeva, our champion reviewer, and a phenomenal engineer and colleague from South-Africa, Johannes Smile


Bijan surprised me with my 5-year service award, a phenomenal wine (also 5-years old) and reminding  me of a very special sabbatical with Bill Essary 5.5 years ago. What …. five years already?!? Time flies when you are having fun Smile 

Thank you Bijan for the surprise in the company of very special colleagues!


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