Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Wanderson Lima

This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. See Ranger Index (Who is Who?) for more details.

Who you are?

Wanderson Lima, ALM Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Brazil. ctempPhoto

What makes you “tick”?

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of people, using automation and process reengineering. I strongly believe that if people spend the least time possible with operational work, they will have more time to do what just humans can do: Art!!

Where you live?

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why are you active in the Rangers program?

The first reason that motivated me to join ALM Rangers was the seriousness, the commitment and the quality of results delivered by this group. I have been using many products produced by ALM Rangers and I believe that I can contribute to this group with my experiences.

Besides that, I believe the exchange of knowledge among the team during the construction of the products is a very rich experience that I really want to live.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why?

I have not worked in ALM Project yet, but I am looking forward to have a awesome one to write here!

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