Ranger Flash – December 2013 … family.job.ranger shutdown comes to an end



After a brief “focus on family” Ranger shutdown, we are resuming projects with the usual passion for technology and the ALM community Smile  Wishing everyone a prosperous, safe and happy 2014!



latest project landings during December


Philly ALM User Group

Brian Minisi started the Philly ALM User Group. They are meeting at the Microsoft MTC in Malvern, PA every other month.

Tasktop Sync 3.0: Service Desk Webinar

Hear about innovations in Sync 3.0, which supports Team Foundation Server ALM environments.

new Pluralsight course on Git for Visual Studio Developers

Esteban Garcia posted his latest course git-visual-studio-developers, covering  Git usage across VS 2010, 2012, and 2013.

Robert MacLean embraces the AppFactory

Robert MacLean moved to join Microsoft, and specifically the AppFactory – see joining-appfactory for details.

enhanced / new must-see Visual Studio extensions

Please evaluate MyHistory 2 — hello Colleagues, what have you been up to and Displays news and updates on Visual Studio Online within Visual Studio extensions and give the authors candid feedback!


tell us about your success stories!

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user? See Tell us about your success stories for details.

attention ALM Rangers!

We are hosting the following Ranger Talks in January … details on our Yammer network!

- Infrastructure ... where to find what and how - Jan 13, 2014
- In-Place Team Project Process Template Morphing - Jan 14, 2014
- Triage #7 Review and the way forward - Jan 15, 2014
- Yammer dog-fooding ... exploring the environment  - Jan 16, 2014
- MSOpenTech Hub program - Jan 20, 2014
- TechReady 189 Dry-Runs –  - Jan 9, 10, 13, 14 and 17.

as at January 1, 2013

Total since 20070101 650 076
Daily average  since 20070101 254 5 3
Daily average since last flash 529 6 77



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