Looking at ALM Ranger solution download trends and interim prioriti[s|z]ation survey results

One of the metrics we use to measure impact of our solutions is the number of downloads, which have allowed us to observe some interesting trends since we started tracking them in 2009.

To support and extract the details from the upcoming Rangers flash, we are sharing a few of the graphs we are using to enable you to make your own observations and to get your feedback in terms of which are useful, not useful or other views you may find interesting. We also share INTERIM results of two solutions focused surveys we started during the MVP Summit and finish with a heads-up on the champion of champions nominations.

download trends

top 10 projects i.t.o. downloads over past 30 days


total downloads per solution


average download per project per day


average download per day since the dawn of tracking and for past period


difference in daily downloads per solution since last update


interim prioriti[s|z]ation survey results

The following results are INTERIM and the comments are “Willy thinking aloud”. When we conclude the surveys we will report back on the final results and impact, if any.

Survey #1 … how important are the solution ideas on our backlog?

The two diagrams show the results from Triage #6 in blue n and the results from the MVP Summit in orange n.  Click on the images to get a bigger, crisper view.


Personally I find it interesting is when we combine the blue n and orange n results. Agile Portfolio Planning and more transparency around effective user permission appear to be the top areas in need of guidance or an out-of-band solution.


This survey will be completed during December 2013 and will influence the triage #7 in January.


Survey #2 … which solutions can we park in service mode?

We currently have 36 solutions in our catalogue, seven of which are in service mode . Service mode implies that no updates are planned, other than fixing critical bugs. With the growing maintenance debt we are asking ourselves what we can and should be moth-balling, releasing invaluable volunteer bandwidth to other, preferably new solutions.

We asked the ALM MVPs and ALM Rangers to vote on which solution we should upgrade and which are service mode candidates. In an unscientific and instigative toss of the keyboard, I decided to draw a line to emphasise all solutions for 75% or more. I believe these should be maintained and upgraded and the rest ear marked for service mode? Thoughts? Push-back?


As expected the block buster guides are included and there are no real surprises, other than the huge interest in the ALM Rangers Treasure Map (https://aka.ms/vsartmaptoc) solution in this and the previous survey … I guess the visual, map-style and adventurous way of exploring the ALM Readiness content has been well received. As Robert Bernstein, the captain, would say: “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”!

This survey will be completed during December 2013 and will influence the triage #7 in January.


champion of champion awards survey update

The ALM Rangers are busy voting for their champions and as shown below some of the categories are very, very close:

Product Owner Project Lead Ruck Master Shining Associate Champion of Champions
image image image image image
Very close! Close Runaway! Runaway! Extremely close!

You can find previous winners here: https://aka.ms/vsarunderstand

lastly …

We rely on the ALM Rangers and you, from the ALM Community, to give us candid feedback to enable us to quantify the value-add and impact of our solutions.

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user? Please tell us about your success stories!

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  1. Brian Baker says:

    Two comments regarding service mode: (1) the integration platform is still useful going forward with new TFS versions. The docs were last updated for TFS 2010. While the tools work with TFS 2012 (and I assume 2013 as well) the docs feel outdated. It would be nice to see a minor refresh to this to account for newer TFS versions. (2) Is the SSDT guidance considered a completely separate project from the VS Database Guide? I think putting the VS Database Guide in service mode only makes sense if SSDT guidance is being developed to replace it.

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