Tell us about your success stories!

When walking along the beach, farmlands, watching my sons play soccer, collaborating at an event or lingering at the airport I take pictures … many pictures. Each photo is evidence (visual testimonial?!?) of a special instance in time!


Similarly, we rely on your feedback, your success stories and testimonials to determine if the ALM Rangers are delivering on their mission statement (

success stories and their testimonials are important


it is important

If are you aware of a success story in which one of more of our solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user we need a testimonial from you!

it is an easy process


it is easy

Use this template to create a DRAFT testimonial and submit to for consideration.


it’s a win-win

If you are an ALM Ranger and your testimonial is accepted, you can add contribution to your achievements for the primary solution covered in the testimonial and may also win the testimonial champions award.

The top testimonials will also win one of the special ALM Ranger t-shirts, see 7 years of VSTS –> Visual Studio ALM Rangers history … a la shirts for examples or this latest beauty emphasising the importance of family time.



it is NDA

Testimonials are NDA and for internal use only. You can optionally indicate if you or the the customer may be interested in making it public and willing to sign a case study PR release form.


remember telemetry

Enabling the VS Experience Improvement Program on your system and giving us feedback by using the TFS Branch Tool and Unit Test generator extensions or giving feedback via the send-a-smile feature, adds value to the testimonials.


magic question WHEN?

The sooner the better! We would also appreciate if you could keep an eye out for success stories and testimonials in future and submit them continuously when and as available making it a core part of our project lifecycle.

Looking forward to your success story!

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