Building a Release Pipeline with Team Foundation Server 2012

A real gem!

If you fire up your v1 (yes I am still running that one on my Surface RT) you may not notice the latest gem, but if you are running v2 of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map, wander through the guidance or use search to stumble over Building a Release Pipeline with Team Foundation Server, then click the guidance link, you will be redirected to the latest patterns & practices book, with comes with a wealth of code samples and hands-on labs.


Enjoy this latest “gem” and please share your candid feedback with p&p and the ALM Rangers so that we can make the next version an even better gem Smile

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In case you are wondering … the project has landed Smile


Comments (1)

  1. Donald C says:

    Willy apparently there is a bug in the product, on Page 48,  from the Lab01-StartingPoint.docx "Note: The action of importing steps into TFS has a bug that parses the steps incorrectly. The steps are imported as single step." Is this bug fixed in TFS 2013? How can I publish test steps from excel into TFS with the step formatting being maintained?

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