ALM Rangers Triage #5 – What happened to your idea in UserVoice?

If you have submitted an ALM Rangers solution idea, please locate it below and determine if you are happy with the status and comment.  We need your candid feedback to ensure we prepare for the next triage and action your idea appropriately!

Albeit delayed for a number of reasons, this post is reflects the status as at 2013/08/07, updated on 2013/09/19.

Where are we?

In terms of the FY14 timeline we are in the first quarter, fifth idea triage, and are working on Sprint 15 (September), as shown below:



We have transferred two ideas and are inflight with 9 projects. With the upcoming Visual Studio and TFS 2013 releases, we had an unusual spike of activity around the update of key guidance and subsequently decided against starting new projects.

We are still fine tuning our new time and feature boxed, shorter cadence and refined Ruck process, but have managed to align ourselves with the product group cadence, be more responsive and most importantly raise our quality bars of tooling projects. It is an ongoing dog-fooding and evolution process, which we started to journal in ALM Rangers dogfooding journal of the Team Foundation Service.


image_thumb[7] Ideas that have been completed since Triage #4.

image_thumb[6] Ideas that have been approved and have an ALM Rangers team working on a solution.

  • Building a Release Pipeline with TFS (p&p / Rangers collaboration)
  • Device dev and testing with Perfecto Mobile
  • DevOps Tooling & Practical Continuous Deployment Guide
  • ALM Readiness Treasure Map (arrrrrr…) Windows Store App v2.1 (Windows 8.1)
  • On-Time VM Factory Service
  • Practical Team Foundation Service Reporting Guide v1
  • Upgrade -> Upgrade Guide for TFS 2013 v3
  • Upgrade -> Lab Management Guide v3
  • Upgrade -> Version Control (ex-Branching) Guide v3

image_thumb[5] Ideas that are still under review.

image_thumb[4] Ideas that have been declined or transferred and will not be reviewed further by the ALM Rangers.

That’s it!

Have we missed anything? Thoughts?

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Comments (1)

  1. Wade Moerke says:

    It would be super helpful if the integration platform were updated for 6.1 templates

    +1 on Update the mappings in the TFS Integration Tools to support the 6.1 process templates

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