ALM Rangers Flight Plan … at your mouse click!

The image tiles offering  selection of handy links to important information such as understanding the ALM Rangers, getting to know the individual Rangers and the large selection of solutions is nothing new. In addition we have published a image project flight status chart. This chart summarises information and status of ALM Ranger projects. We hope that this will help you stay up to date with our “flights” and demonstrate our continued quest for transparency Smile 


The chart is updated whenever a project enters the suggestion or planning mode image, is started and takes off image, is under construction and in-flight image, is preparing to ship and landing image, has landed and shipped image, or is cancelled image.

Is this an effective way of sharing an status of our flights / projects?


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  1. The icon for "Upgrade -> Lab Management Guide" is not right 😉

    But otherwise, it's a good analogy.

  2. Good catch! Will update the icon first thing tomorrow

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