TFS Planning Guide updated with new style and content fixes

We have just updated the TFS Planning Guide as part of the re-styling initiative. See Gearing up for the new crisper ALM Ranger guides, which will evolve into eBooks in future for details.


  • New crisper look & feel style, including header page.
  • Crisper section introductions.
  • Reduction in pages and words, without sacrificing any content.
  • Added the quick reference sheets to the guide for an all-in-one eBook experience.
  • Removed duplication of content, caused by field code that went haywire in recent revisions.

Please refresh your copy as soon as possible and let us know what you think of the new style.


Comments (4)
  1. Eric R says:

    The headers seem to be very light and hard to read…and even worse to print…can they be made darker?

  2. @Eric, I will ask Mike to join this discussion thread. I have just printed a few sample pages and the headers and headings look OK, although they are intentionally lighter than the text.

  3. Mike Fourie says:

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for the feedback. A few questions

    1. Is it a particular guidance you are reading (which one?) or all new guides?

    2. Can you tell me which heading(s) in particular?

    3. What device(s) are you reading on

    4. Are you printing in colour or black?



  4. Mike Fourie says:

    Um, ok I guess this is the Planning guide in particular. Sorry I though I was replying the general refresh blog post.


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