Richard Hundhausen adds value and a sprinkle of fun to the ALM community

image If you have not bookmarked Richard’s community aggregator ( then add it to your backlog. It gives you a consolidated snapshot of what’s “blogging” in our community and is the default browser page on both my laptop and information monitors at the office.


But there is more … and in this case laugh out loud (LOL) stuff Smile gives you a Psychic that helps you with estimations and goals.

Thanks Richard, now I can consult the Psychic instead of giving my default “just another 15 minutes” response. I cannot wait for one of my family members to poke their head into my office and ask when I am done this weekend Disappointed smile

ALERT – Updated 2013-08-17

Tony Whitter reported the following to Bitdefender and they are investigating as the site is safe.

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