ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2.1 and vNext Feature Triage

We recently had a really great chalk & talk event, during which the audience engaged in raising and prioritising ideas.

Here are the photos we took at the event after an initial prioritization discussion:


PS: WBN … Would Be Nice Smile

v2.1 and vNext Triage

The following represents an initial triage view of the proposed features, filtered on v2.1, vNext and other:

v2.1 – Windows 8.1. Update


  • Windows 8.1 update and support
  • Reset all progress status
  • Reset individual jewel progress status
  • UX - Ensure titles fit
  • UX – Cut off text to make projects look even across the page


  • 8397 Bug: Move URL for Privacy Policy into a resource string
  • 8402 Bug: When the map is in portrait mode, the app name is cut off
  • 8433 Bug: Margin inconsistencies



  • 8426 Bug: Have the trail underneath the palm trees and the titles of the islands
  • 8427 Bug: Have the waves in the background go right to the edge of the screens
  • 8429 Bug: Have treasure chests on the islands to symbolise the completion of that category
  • 8431 Bug: On the News section – have margins


  • Online update
  • Ability to add content via service
  • Separate content update from code and update content more frequently
  • About page
  • Split guidance island, more maps testing/dev
  • DevOps guidance island
  • App Best Practices island
  • UX refurbish


  • Different skins … professional, zombie
  • Icon to show type of content book, url, etc.
  • Organize news feeds by topic or source
  • Telemetry – what is clicked most?

Would be nice

  • Windows Phone
  • UX How-To
  • UX Design island
  • Treasure map for MSDN and TechNet
  • Feedback / Suggestions / Uservoice
  • Tag Custom content
  • Mind Map for MSDN
  • Add social so that users can converse
  • Flipboard style
  • Customise News
  • Mark news as important or read
  • Users can add content is meaningful to them


Do you agree with this triage? Have we missed anything?

If you feel we should continue the adventure, please vote for the Enhance the v2 ALM Readiness Treasure Map idea on UserVoice.

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