What has changed in the home of the ALM Rangers during FY13?

We are nearing the end of the financial year FY13, which means we are starting calibrations, satisfaction surveys and the analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly. The intention is to learn from the past and continue our quest for continuous improvement and evolution, especially for our strategic and long-term projects.

Some of the highlights

image … none of the highlights would be possible without the competent and passionate ALM Rangers community, which ROCKS!

I am humbled amongst these champions and proud to be a member of the Rangers family!

imagehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoba_meteorite  ... a good example of a real 60 ton “rockSmile


image_thumb[2] What so much text to read?          
No need to panic. This is a summary of the phenomenal achievements by the ALM Rangers and you do not have to read this post word by word. Focus on the first column of each area to get an overview and optionally refer to the reference information included in subsequent columns.

Home Infrastructure

More info.
More info.
  • ALM Rangers Portal was simplified to a common dashboard.
More info.


  • We embraced strategic initiatives
  • DevOps
  • IntelliTrace, IntelliTrace, IntelliTrace making Larry Guger smile
  • Device Testing
  • Unit Testing idea with 934 votes on UserVoice
  • The next generation of the VM Factory in the cloud
More info.
  • We shipped a lot of valuable solutions
  • We will be shipping a lot more soon!
  • Better Unit Testing with Test Code Generation
  • Building a Release Pipeline with TFS - Collaboration series by Rangers & p&p
  • Device dev and testing with Perfecto Mobile
  • DevOps Tooling
  • DevOps Practical Continuous Deployment Guide
  • End to end guidance for DevOps bug resolution using IntelliTrace
  • On-Time VM Factory
  • Practical Team Foundation Service Reporting Guide
  • Quick Response Project –> VM Demo Quick Environment Setup
  • Upgrade -> ALM Readiness Treasure Map (arrrrrr…) v2
  • We published (shared) a lot of information
More info.


  • We continuously evolve our Ruck Process
More info.
  • We aligned with product group quarterly cadence
More info.
  • We evolved the Rangers flash
  • Weekly flash was cancelled as there as no value-add
  • Monthly flash format and content evolves continuously
More info.
  • We nominated champions annually
  • Champions are announced just before MVP Summit and TechReady allowing us to personally congratulate winners and hand-out awards.
More info.
  • We investigated and aligned with Program Management (PM)


Some of the lowlights, which become opportunities for FY14

  • Ruck training and certification not yet formalised and available.
  • Ruck Master certification not yet formalises and available.
  • Although we have aligned with quarterly cadence, we still have two major activity peak and wave trends, rather than four levelled waves (dotted lines) of projects.
  • Still dealing with “dark” Rangers … albeit a lot less than in previous years, making bandwidth planning challenging.  
  • We still have separate credentials for TFS and Dashboard infrastructure, resulting in password maintenance adventures.
  • We still have not been able to produce Bijan’s accurate bandwidth utilisation reports.
    • Watch the “Practical Team Foundation Service Reporting Guide solution” space.

Did I forget anything? Thoughts ?

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