ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2 – Show what we have for Sprint 10 (April)

In TOC - ALM Readiness Treasure Map the team is sharing the vision and plans (Epics) for the next version of the treasure map and transparently discussing the design learning's and experiences to be transparent and most importantly to get your invaluable feedback.

The team has just released a “show what we have” video for the past Sprint finishing on April 30th. Enjoy during your next coffee break!


Our captain, Robert Bernstein had this to say to the team:

Arrr!  Fellow pirates, after reviewing the video covering our Sprint 10 progress, I just wanted to comment on the hard work you’ve been doing so far.

  • Fabio: I love what you’ve done with the Sharing contract in v2.  It worked well in v1, but feels much more polished now.  Nice work!
  • Anisha: You’ve done a great job designing the new UX for v2.  The updates make me want to resubmit our MSDN Magazine article with the beautiful new artwork!!!
  • RobertM: While I liked your explanations for why you’re excited to be Dev Lead on this project, I was really impressed with your clear explanations of how the code is implemented.  You got the full point about how the app was written across while keeping it straightforward and concise.  That’s hard to do in just a couple of minutes.  Well done!
  • Willy: Your narration really pulled it all together into a cohesive description of our project.  You conveyed that we are one unified team working well together.  Great communication!

And thanks to the whole team for all the hard work you’re doing.  For those who didn’t get to contribute this round, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so in future Sprints.  Keep up the good work!

Rob “Captain” Bernstein



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