What do you think of proposed User Experience (UX) ideas for ALM Readiness Treasure Map?

Anisha Pindoria has been hard at work to re-design the user experience for the ALM Readiness Treasure Map, based on feedback from the community, the team and her at times rebellious crew.

Here are the proposed changes, whereby the current v1 experience is shown on the left and the v2 proposed experience on the right:



v1 UX

v2 – Proposed UX

Main image Main
Group image SecondLevel
Detail image ThirdLevel
Semantic Zoom   SemanticZoom
Snapped image Main_Snapped
Snapped II image SecondLevel_Snapped
Favourites   Favourites

For those that have installed v1 from https://aka.ms/vsartmapapp you will remember the v1 “look and feel” as shown on the left. For the new v2 UX, Anisha tried to capture all the possible ways of interacting with one view, i.e. showing the app bar as well as the filter options etc., so that we have an idea what items could look like.

The little treasure chest that you notice on the list items on the Group view, indicates that this list item has been ‘completed’.

  • Not started – symbolised by no treasure chest.
  • In Progress – symbolised by an empty treasure chest.
  • Completed – symbolised by an overflowing treasure chest

Live Tiles

The tiles are still undergoing heavy redesign, but we are planning to show your progress on through the treasure map as a percentage on the small tile and pie charts representing categories on larger tile.


What do you think? We would appreciate your candid feedback and ideas on these proposed UX changes.

Comments (6)

  1. Mike Fourie says:

    It looks a lot cleaner to me. I would aim at reducing the app size too. It takes forever to download and install.


  2. Dave Crook says:

    Love it!

  3. Casey O'Mara says:

    I really like the new look.  The images being increased in size, and the left to right group scroll will be great!

  4. Hamid Shahid says:

    The new design looks good. There is a lot less text on the UI now that the previous version. Feel there should be some instruction when user highlights on each area would be useful. Also showing search area on the main screen would be a useful feature to add.

  5. We are also toiling with the idea of adding a favourites list and additional states for the content, i.e. not looked at it yet, busy looking and done/dusted, rather than just none and done. Would these features add value?

  6. Nicolás Lope de Barrios says:

    The dark background adds contrast and favors white text. Very welcome. I like the "chest" idea, it's a cool feature. However checking UX from screen captures is not ideal.


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