Minor update to the Supporting Guidance and Whitepapers

We refreshed the Supporting Guidance and Whitepapers with two minor updates this morning:

v1.1 - Practical Ruck Guide

The ALM Rangers Practical Ruck Training and Reference Manual contains minor typo corrections and additional acceptance criteria steps and examples to help the product owners and projects leads with their pre-kick-off planning.


Sample Code

Unfortunately the “Embracing the TFS object model” series article for WIT has been postponed. In the interim we have published the sample source code which demonstrates the use of the TFS client object model to interact with TFS and work with work items.



Comments (2)

  1. Scott Anderson says:

    Wow! Cool. Hadn't seen these before. Is it possible to get editable .docx versions of the materials? I'd love to re-use some of the content.

  2. @Scott, can you elaborate on which material and scope of re-use?

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