ALM Rangers Triage #3 – What happened to your idea in UserVoice?

If you have submitted an ALM Rangers solution idea, please locate it below and determine if you are happy with the status and comment.  We need your candid feedback to ensure we prepare for the third triage and action your idea appropriately!

We have not declined any ideas this time and are busy starting the planning of a new batch of “possible” projects.

This post is dated and reflects the status as at 2013/03/04


Reference posts:

DONE – Ideasimage_thumb7

Reference announcement posts:


While not shipped at the time of this post, the following ideas are content complete and on the verge of shipping:

STARTED – “In-flight” Ideasimage_thumb64

Ideas that have been approved and have an ALM Rangers team planning a solution.

UNDER REVIEW – Ideasimage_thumb

Ideas that are still under review or ideas that may be considered in future, transferred to another category or declined.

TRANSFERRED – Category: Visual Studio, Team Foundation Serverimage_thumb19

Ideas that have been transferred to the Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server category and are no longer monitored within Rangers Project category.

image_thumb79 That’s it! Looking forward to your candid feedback!
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  1. AdrianHHH says:

    My colleagues and I have submitted some ideas to UserVoice that should, I believe, be considered by your team. These ideas concern improvements to the testing capabilities of Visual Studio 2012. The Microsoft contributors to the "Test Tools in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012" forum (see…/threads) have encouraged several contributors to place their suggestions on UserVoice and several have done so. Again, I do not see any of these listed in the triage reports.

    How do we submit ideas for your consideration? The submit form does have a "category" box, but "ALM Rangers" is not an option.

    How do we update an already written suggestion to bring it to the attention of the ALM rangers?

    For a start, please look at the suggestions I have made or voted on; search for "AdrianHHH"



  2. You can either tag the idea with the category "Rangers project" or assign it to the relevant technology category (preferred) and send me the links to the UserVoice ideas the ALM Rangers should consider. You can use…/contact.aspx to get in touch with me. Also see…/submit-your-visual-studio-idea-using-uservoice.aspx.

    It is important to highlight that the ALM Rangers triage reports only show the UserVoice ideas that appeared on our triage and considered as a possible ALM Ranger project. You must keep an eye on the status and comments of each submitted idea for feedback by the other teams.

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