Updates to the Test Tooling and Upgrade guides … "shipped"!

We are pleased to announce two release updates to the Visual Studio Test Tooling Guidance (Coded UI) and the TFS Upgrade Guide projects.

Test Tooling Guide (Coded UI) v1.1

The v1.1 - Visual Studio 2012 Coded UI Test Guide now contains the new guide: CUIT Guidance_Bespoke Reporting.

Reporting is a key aspect of the ALM Process, and is one of the ways we can evaluate, measure, track, and ultimately tell if the software tested is ready for release. There are many artefacts through the system that test may need to track, and this guidance update will help you achieve this.


A huge THANK YOU to the team that delivered this guide:
Adimulam Sudheer, Anutthara Bharadwaj, Brian Blackman, Casey O'Mara, Cesar Solis Brito, Christofer Löf, Harish Reddy Kothapalli, Hassan Fadili, Mathew Aniyan, Ravi Shanker, Richard Albrecht, Richard Fennell, Tim Star, Tony Whitter

Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guide v2.1

The Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Upgrade guide, intended as a supplement to the Upgrade information found in the Team Foundation Server Installation and Administration guides, has been updated. The v2.1 update is available for download.


A huge THANK YOU to the team that delivered this guide:
Bijan Javidi, Christian Nielsen, Ed Holloway, Hosam Kamel, Jeff Bramwell, Jens Suessmeyer, Jim Szubryt, Martin Hinshelwood, Mattias Sköld, Mike Abrahamson, Petr Moravek, Pieter Gheysens, Pramod Vasanth

Comments (2)
  1. Brian Baker says:

    Willy, can you provide any more details on the changes to the upgrade guide?

  2. Pramod V says:

    Brian, following are the changes we have made in the new release of Upgrade Guide

    1) We have updated the section on Supported Environments for Build

    2) Based on a feedback, updated "Rollback In-Place Upgrade" section.

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