TFS Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Planning … “shipped”!

We are pleased to announce v1.1 of the Team Foundation Server Planning Guide, which now includes a section on disaster recovery avoidance, planning and step-step recovery walkthroughs.



A huge THANK YOU to the team that created this and previous releases:

Chris Wishart, Daniel Meixner, Ed Holloway, Francisco Fagas, Gregg Boer, Guy Teverovsky, Jeff Levinson, Jim Szubryt, Joakim Karlsson, John Berman, Lennart Jansson, Mario Rodriguez, Pramod Vasanth, Prasanna Ramkumar, Stefan Mieth, Thorsten Dralle, Tiago Pascoal, Tim Star, Tina Erwee, Tommy Sundling, Willy-Peter Schaub

New Sections in the planning guide (TOC extract)

Defining your Disaster Recovery (DR) Strategy

  • Topic Overview
  • Persona Mapping
  • Deciding what is important in this section
  • Understand DR Strategies
  • Understand DR Avoidance
  • Understand DR Recovery
  • Summary

Real World Reference Stories

  • Scenario 6 – Disaster by hotfix - Vladimir’s DR Experience
  • Scenario 7 – Aborted Warehouse Processing - Thorsten’s DR Experience


  • ...
  • DR Recovery Walkthroughs
  • Authoring Reports
  • Sample Maintenance Scripts
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