FAQ: TFSBranchTool – Could not load file or assembly SourceControlWrapper … bug?

We recently received queries and noticed a thread on http://stackoverflow.com/q/14656952/736079 which mentioned s strange error that seems to have been introduced with our TFSBranchTool after Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 was released.


Execution of Action 'ConnectSourceControl' Failed. Details: Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.AlLMRangers.BranchTool.SourceControlWrapper......

Vladimir Gusarov immediately jumped at the opportunity and delivered a fix which is included in the latest sample code on CodePlex.


The issue was that Microsoft.ALMRangers.BranchTool.SourceControlWrapper.dll was missed in VSIX package. As action execution engine using MEF to load actions, it has no direct references to actions implementation assembly.

Vladimir from the team fixed the issue by specifying assembly as the MEF asset in the VS extension’s manifest file. Now it’s redistributed inside the extension package.

The fix


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