TR16 Journal (Day T+4) – The pirates rule!

The ALM Readiness treasure map team delivered a phenomenal session, especially their captain Robert Bernstein who went the extra mile … I will let the pictures do the talking …
DSCN0214DSCN0222DSCN0212DSCN0215DSCN0217DSCN0218DSCN0219DSCN0224DSCN0225 … Captain Robert Bernstein

The summit party was loud, but fun …
DSCN0227DSCN0229DSCN0230DSCN0231DSCN0234DSCN0233 Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

On more session and we are out of here. The DEV track average is currently sitting at 4.61, which is a phenomenal success and a real headache. Why? Bijan is only happy of the Rangers sub-track average > Dev track average and if we improve at every event. 4.61 == 92% … a ginormous challenge!

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  1. You guys have all the fun!  🙂

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