TR16 Journal (Day T+3) – Everyone reaching information overload status


TechReady 16 continued today with four great sessions by the ALM Rangers. Whether trying to figure out which bin to use or which session type to chose, the choice is phenomenal.


Micheal Learned and Matt Mitrik started the day with an interactive, interesting and conflict-less version control session.

Brian Blackman shared his passion for Ruck and delivered an exciting instructor led lab.
ALM Ranger Yoel Arnon (right) and his colleague Oren Bouni (left) delivered a very informative real-world engagement session. The session is currently listed as a 4.98/5 … WOW!

At the Ask the Experts we has some fun discussions, great food and a few brief ALM Readiness treasure map excursions on the Surface.

… and the “pirates” gathered again to do a final dry-run of the imminent “DEV351 - Join us for a treasure hunt through ALM Readiness and find Windows Store UX & Code jewels along the way” session. Do not miss this treasure!

A split second before this photo, @@ was still visible … then vanished. It’s a long story!

OK, it is nearly 2AM and I need rebooting time … good-night everyone.

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