ALM Readiness treasure map – snap it the captain says

Last month we shipped the paper based ALM Readiness treasure map as mentioned in: ALM Readiness Treasure Map … arrrrrrrrr!

Today we released the Windows Store application that delivers the same treasure map and much more to your Surface or other Windows 8 device.


Snap it?

Our captain, Robert Bernstein, recently told his crew to “snap the treasure map”. Huh? Let’s start the application and investigate.

Screenshot (47) We are presented with the same treasure map we had on paper before.

Click on Guidance region…

Screenshot (48) … which displays a list of Guidance treasures on the recommended sequence they should be enjoyed.

Click on any treasure, i.e. Planning …

Screenshot (49) … which gives us more detail on the selected treasure, i.e. TFS Planning Guide, and a few links to more treasure jewels.

SNAP IT … shouts the captain!

Screenshot (50) Looking at the cheat sheet presented in Windows 8 keyboard cheat-sheet cover we can do the swipe or the keyboard shortcut to snap our view.
As shown we have lots of open “ocean” on the left and the treasure map snapped to the right edge,
Screenshot (51) Now when we click on the URLs we are beamed off to Internet Explorer and the selected jewel.
Screenshot (53) We can advance to another treasure in the snapped view and click on another URL. As shown are presented with another jewel.
Screenshot (54) Again peeking at the cheat sheet presented in Windows 8 keyboard cheat-sheet cover we notice the navigation bar swipe or shortcut.
We now have a flat list of the selected jewels in the navigation bar and a hierarchical view of the treasure map in the snapped view.

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, as the captain would say!

What’s planned for vNext?

We have great plans for the next version and wondering what we should be placing on the backlog. If you could select 2-3 of the following ideas, which would you pick?

  • Enable sharing to share jewels.
  • Allow user to click item as done and keep progress of which treasure map points have been explored.
  • Allow user to view all or exclude done items. The "Done" state should be a roaming setting.
  • Online updating of ALM Readiness data.
  • Introduce a live tile, which highlights if a new version is available.
  • Add related projects and treasures to data and views.
  • … anything else?
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