Windows 8 keyboard cheat-sheet cover

Thanks to Robert who has to endure three long coding and debugging days next to me at the pre-TR events, the Win8-Kbd-Cheat Sheet has gone through a few revisions. It is intended for those who need the common navigation keyboard shortcuts:


Any ideas on how it can be improved?

PS: You can download from Supporting Guidance and Whitepapers, which contains the PDF and the PPTX. You can use the latter to tweak it to meet your requirements.

Comments (3)

  1. Rocky Lhotka says:

    This is a really nice way to show the shortcuts – great job!

    The individual charms have shortcuts too. I use Win-I (settings) and Win-H (share) all the time (for example). You already list Win-Q, which fits right in with this idea.

    As a multi-monitor user, I also use Win-PageUp and Win-PageDown on a regular basis (to switch WinRT between monitors).

  2. It's handy but the inclusion of the VS2012 shortcuts seem out of scope and superfluous.  Why not include ctrl-K+D or shift+del? or for the snippets 'propa' and 'propdp'?  I only ask "Why not" to illustrate that there are literally hundreds of keyboard commands and snippets that could be potentially applicable but none of them have anything to do with Windows 8 keyboard nav.  Additionally, removing the VS2012 shortcuts provides for a larger audience.

  3. @Rocky, great feedback. I will add those shortcuts in the next version. Thanks!

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