ALM Readiness Treasure Map … arrrrrrrrr!

In September 2012 a small team of ALM Rangers got together and started what has turned out to be one of the most interesting and fun IT journeys I have experienced  to date and one that will potentially deliver immense value to the ALM community as a side effect.

Why did we start the journey?

When we explore the ALM guidance by the ALM Rangers, DPE, PFE, p&p and others we quickly realize that there was a significant amount of content to digest and that a treasure map showing us where to start, what to explore and in which sequence would be a valuable asset.

Who joined the treasure hunt?image

The treasure hunt team that set sail included Anisha Pindoria, Dave Crook, Fabio Stawinski, Robert Bernstein (our captain), Robert MacLean and Willy-Peter Schaub

What were our objectives?

The team agreed to the following Epics:

  1. As Alex, the technology consultant, I would like a roadmap to get started with Visual Studio ALM and the associated guidance
  2. As Alex, the technology consultant, I would like the roadmap as a Win8 App on my Surface or other Win8 device
  3. As Alex, the technology consultant, I would like a walkthrough to understand how to develop and extend the roadmap application
  4. As Bill, the ALM Ranger, I would like a TR16 session that demos the roadmap and associated Win8 app


Captain’s log … the past

We started with Epic 1 and created a paper based map, ideal for decorating your walls and introducing mysterious fun by burning the edges of the map, rolling it up and scattering at events. This journey allowed us to experience content we have never noticed before, geopolitical assessments and prepare the foundation for the other three Epics.


The first BETA suitable for A4 and A2 printing can be found on our Supporting Guidance and Whitepapers site in the ALM Readiness Treasure Map download page.

Captain’s log … the present and future

We are in our last sprint, have completed the quality essentials process assessments, the ALM Rangers code quality assessments and the ruthless UX review and feature testing of our sample application. We have also just submitted an article to describing the journey, UX design, code gems and test concepts to our Patricia Wagner (our patient technical editor) and are ready for the forthcoming TechReady event where we will demonstrate, explore and release the final treasure.

Captain’s log … stamping out the last mutiny

Down to only four bugs attempting a mutiny on our ship, captained by Robert Bernstein, the team is getting *very* excited about the imminent conclusion of a phenomenal journey.

If you are coming to TechReady you should find the ALM Rangers, engage in active collaboration and give candid feedback! Arrrrrrrrr!

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