A fantastic soccer weekend and history for Whitecaps, thanks to Seattle Sounders :)

After a hectic, but “fun” soccer weekend I have to share some photos and say THANK YOU to Marjorie and the Microsoft Vancouver Development Centre (VDC) for enabling my family to watch the Whitecaps game in style.

Never thought I would say this, but THANKS to Seattle Sounders for beating FC Dallas, the Vancouver Whitecaps became the first Canadian team to make the playoffs 🙂

It all started on Saturday with the youngest Schaub Thorsten battling it out in the Metro league …
DSCN1639DSCN1641DSCN1658DSCN1665DSCN1699 … glorious da, no rain, no wind Smile Always on the move!

… followed by the second-youngest Schaub Jacques battling it out in Division 1 on Sunday and scoring a phenomenal goal with a header, that will make his Neurologist shake his head for days …
DSCN1710DSCN1816DSCN1725DSCN1743DSCN1786 … a fresh and humid, but rainless-day. The Rhino on the go in style Smile

Sunday afternoon at 15:00 we arrived at the BC Stadium and were astonished when we were nudged to the club area, where the chairs are comfortable and the view spectacular. What a surprise Open-mouthed smile

Here are a few pictures to get a snap of the atmosphere of a phenomenal game, which the Whitecaps unfortunately lost 0:1 after Portland shot a phenomenal goal from nowhere.

DSCN1909DSCN1887 Take a look at these seats and the smiles. Jacques was in another area with his team, after taking a tour of the stadium behind the scenes … he will be grumbling for a long time for missing this opportunity.
DSCN1888DSCN1889 Warm-up time and Jacques soccer team standing on the field enjoying the warm-up action.
DSCN1890DSCN1891DSCN1893DSCN1892DSCN1894DSCN1895DSCN1896 Opening ceremony … always a great event.
DSCN1897 The goalie from Portland Timbers was phenomenal, saving quite a few cracking shots at the goal. His bright orange gear was probably very distracting Smile
DSCN1899 Come on Whitecaps … “shot the ball”!
DSCN1900DSCN1905DSCN1906DSCN1907 Game in progress …
DSCN1908DSCN1902 Intermission time … grab food and drinks. Sorry after the break I forgot to make any more photos, waiting for the equalizer.

Now it’s back to the bits and bytes world, at least until the Whitecaps are back in Vancouver.

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