ALM Rangers T-Shirt … after being stopped twice in the street, I give up :)

When we shipped our biggest “wave” of ALM Rangers Readiness content, which you can find here and will soon see on a Treasure Map, we decided to send a t-shirt to every ALM Ranger who was involved in one way or the other. On my way home from Redmond to Vancouver I was stopped twice by people who insisted that the 1+1=10 calculation is wrong … hence this post.

Challenge #1 … sending it to Rangers around the globe

Using courier was appealing, but not an option. For an example, to send a t-shirt to one place in Switzerland was $10 and to another city $50. Considering that the country is 41,285 km2 big (small) it is apparent that the cost using courier was a daunting and puzzling challenge. Off to the post office we went, ending up hand-writing 129 custom forms … an adventure we would like to avoid in future. I obviously asked the wrong question asking why we cannot print these labels, because facial expressions from the post office agent made me re-focus on the custom forms and smoking pen Disappointed smile

~10% of the t-shirts were lost in transit and we are slowly but surely ensuring that all Rangers receive their t-shirt.

Challenge #2 … using the right Visual Studio logo


The artwork, created by Joseph Abukhader, was focused on conveying the team, the solutions and the link in a FUN message.

In my opinion Joseph did a phenomenal job, especially by including the Eagle Smile

Oh, why the old logo? When we created the artwork and the t-shirt design the new branding was not yet public.

Challenge #3 … 1 + 1 = 10, huh?

Slide1 = house (home) is the loopback IP address. Go here for more details.

Let’s reproduce 1 + 1 = 10

  • Run Calculator
  • Select View, then Programmer
  • Select Bin(ary) button
  • Type 1 + 1 =
  • … voila, it’s 10.

Still puzzled? See Smile

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