Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Tomas Scott

This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. See Ranger Index (Who is Who?) for more details.

Who you are?b90tsc_09_small

48 years old father of four, soon grandfather. Works a lot with building my own house. Otherwise I like skiing (cross-country and downhill) and bicycling (cross-country and racier)

In the software business since 1989, started with Microsoft development in Visual Basic 1.0
Worked with TFS since 2005 version.

What makes you “tick”?

New technology, and being able to help people with better ways to develop software.

Where you live?

I live in the small city Östersund “the Winter city” in the northern part of SwedenSkidbild

Where is the place you call home?

At my new house close to the big lake “Storsjön” in Östersund.

Why are you active in the Rangers program?

I like ALM and especially using TFS. I like community driven things since you can learn a lot from some fantastic people.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why?

This is my first Rangers project as a contributor.

My blog is

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