A few pictures around battle star #41

On my recent trip to Redmond, I made a few pictures … always great to explore and capture some special moments around building #41 Smile

DSCN1182 DSCN1188
Not much happening on the highway at 4AM Sleeping half-moon After reading about Zombie bees, this Racoon was scary … he was NOT impressed with me standing in the way.
DSCN1187 DSCN1190
Cute … looks like Zorro Smile You know you are in America when you have this selection of soft drinks … also known as “pop” in Canada.
DSCN1189 DSCN1194
A great release by a phenomenal team. The ALM Ranger ”Stars” posters are still visible on all floors I visited … love the passage effect a la star wars.
DSCN1196 DSCN1197b
YES, we finally have moisture again after a record summer and autumn. Never thought I would get so excited about drizzle. I had to laugh when I noticed this poster at a bus stop at the campus … a “MacBook” lost here … and you expect it back in one piece … seriously ?!?

Mt. Baker … seen from north of the 49th parallel, back in Canada Smile

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  1. Tommy S says:

    Love the picture on the 'zombie' raccoon!

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