TFS 2012 Storyboard with Kinect – Sprint 3 Feedback

A quick status update from the team to share phenomenal progress made in the sprint that ends on Sunday. It is absolutely amazing to see what a bit of technology, a sprinkle of passion and tenacity and a phenomenal “team” can achieve.



September 1, 2012


No simple solution within TFS to visualize a Storyboard (using gestures)


Create an easy to use electronic Storyboard that is Kinect-enabled, which can be enhanced by the community.


image Tony Feissle 2 carowill EthemAzun_MS
Jon Guerin
(Project Lead)
Tony Feissle Caroline Williams Ethem Azun
Bijan Javidi image Mario Contreras2 image_thumb7_thumb
Bijan Javidi
(Product Owner)
Joseph Donelly Mario Contreras
(Backup Project Lead)
Willy-Peter Schaub


The sprint expectations were to get the development environments setup,, create a small proof of concept and the sample solution designed. The exciting news is that not only have the “home” development environments been extended in terms of screens (1) and Kinect devices (3), but the first prototype by Tony Feissle allows the team to literally manage their task board with hand gestures (2).


Now that we know it is feasible, the Kinect’s the limit Smile Using the Kinect is a revolutionary new way for a user experience to navigate a Task Board or Backlog and new ways to naturally collaborate work. This can be seen as the next step after the mouse and touch screens.

Comments (6)

  1. Jean-Pierre says:

    Hi Willy.  

    I have just ben trawling the net for exactly this – a touch-screen solution for TF 2012 and the story board.  Do you have details on how to set this up?  We are planning to acquire a humongous screen.

    Hope you are well


    (In London)

  2. If you use touch screen the product should work out of the box. This team is demonstrating the use of Kinect to allow you to control the board by gestures and voice commands, i.e. zero-touch.

  3. Jason Eales says:

    This is potentially a great concept. Do you have any video of it working?

  4. Yes, I will see how we can share it with early reviewers.

  5. Li Feg says:

    This is excellent work, where can we get any update, since our project team just try to use electronic stroyboard, but currently with mouse and a big screen…..

  6. @Li, contact me on…/contact.aspx and I will hook you up with the team. We did not release the prototype, however, the team will be happy to share their experience,

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