Master ALM Rangers Treasure Map – Sprint 3 Feedback and a Question

A quick update from the team, to ensure that you are informed on what is happening, what has been delivered the sprint ending on Sunday, and giving our project lead a chance to ask you a question.




September 1, 2012


In terms of ALM Readiness and Guidance … “How do I get started and where do I find what?”


Define a map for ALM Rangers, PAG, DPE and WW Community content. Deliver a paper based treasure map and a sample Windows 8 App to bring the map to your Surface and a sample solution to the supporting guidance.


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Robert Bernstein
(Project Lead)
Dave Crook Fabio Stawinski Anisha Pindoria Willy-Peter Schaub


The team has completed the sprint delivering:

A consolidated view across PAG, DPE and ALM Rangers readiness content for Visual Studio ALM, which will be converted to a paper-based treasure map in the next sprint and forms the basis for our Windows 8 sample application.image


The following Getting started with Windows 8 Application Development content, by Dave Cooks:

We are looking forward to releasing the paper based map soon and designing the Windows 8 application Smile

Watch the space!

Comments from the team:

Robert BernsteinAs new ALM Rangers, we saw how much great material was available for study but weren’t sure where to start.  Our goal is to bring you the best possible path through the content and help you to make the most of the tools you already have with our hardcopy map and our Windows 8 application.  We’re looking forward to your feedback, especially if we helped you learn more effectively.

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