FAQ – How can I travel from the Vancouver Development Centre to the Redmond Campus?

I work at the Vancouver Development Centre (image left), I report to a team located in Redmond (image right) and therefore frequently travel between the two cities.

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As many of my colleagues are doing the same, I have decided to finally document “how” to get from A to B.

PS: To get from B to A, you simply have to reverse the steps Smile

Travel Options

1 Walking Not really practical for short visits and one I will hopefully never need to evaluate. According to Bing it is a 43h5min walk Disappointed smile
2 Cycling Not really practical for short visits, but one that has crossed my mind on several occasions. I just need my teenage son to bring my bike for repairs as the “it was not me” gremlin mysteriously damaged it.
3 Car Practical and probably the quickest option.
4 Bus Practical, relaxing and probably the cheapest option at ~$50 return. My default choice.
5 Plane Practical if you like going through airport security.
6 Train Practical, but never tried it.

Taking the Bus!


  1. Book your bus ticket with QuickShuttle.
  2. Book your connector trip from downtown to campus, iff you plan to arrive in Seattle before 9:30AM.
    • Select route Belltown-Queen Anne and boarding stop Queen Anne Ave N & W Republican Street.
  3. Book your accommodation (if needed).
    • I recommend the Extended Stay America, which is situated on campus and within walking distance of all buildings.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the campus using the maps on msw.

Doing the trek from North to South

  1. Ensure you have your passport, your visas and your travel documents with you.
    • Taking your MS access card also helps
    • Oh, and do not forget your laptop or mobile phone power supply Smile
  2. Board the bus at your preferred stop. 
    • Personally I opt for River Rock Casino, because it is within easy reach of the public transport, i.e. bus and Skytrain.
    • You can use the onboard WiFi to stay in touch with the matrix or sleep. I typically opt for the latter.
  3. Complete your customs form immediately and brace yourself for customs.
    • Be courteous, prepared to answer questions such as “why do you not drive” and avoid taking food (especially fruit).
    • The only drawback of taking the bus is that you arrive and leave as a team … if anyone is a problem case, the bus waits and waits.
    • Going from one side to the other you usually get a “welcome to …” and the other usually “the” stare and a variety of  “…why are you here” questions.
  4. Get off at the Seattle Downtown stop.
    • There are several coffee places downtown if you are a morning grouch as I am.
  5. Iff you arrive before 9:30AM and you have booked your connector seat, walk to the Queen Anne Ave N & W Republican Street stop (~10min casual walk) 
    Else take the Monorail or walk to Westlake Centre Station, where you can take the Route 545 | ST Express public bus for $2.50. You need cash or a King Country Metro bus ticket. You typically get off at SR520 Ramp @ NE 40th Street
  6. Walk to your building or use the connector shuttles … I recommend the walk, as the scenery can be quite spectacular. See Microsoft Redmond Campus is a green paradise.

Enjoy your stay!

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